Pool Re-plastering & Repair

We are the Utah Valley‘s best choice for swimming pool re-plastering. With over 65 years experience in replacement of swimming pool plaster, we have the experience to expertly re-plaster your indoor or outdoor swimming pool and spa!  Your old worn out plaster can be upgraded with any of the newer, more exciting surfaces like exposed pebble, glass bead, or a polished aggregate surface.  We do custom mixes and colors.

Re-plaster Your Pool For A Great New Look!

Provo - Utah Valley Swimming Pool Contractor (6)Do you have cracked, missing, or worn out tile, coping, or decks?  Plumbing leaks or worn out equipment?  Singing S Pools has decades of experience on thousands of pools repairing and replacing old tile, coping, decks, plumbing, and equipment.  We can even add a new spa to your existing pool.  Let us help you realize your swimming pool’s full potential!

Need More Info?

If you’re looking to get more information on our pool re-plastering services or are ready to start the pool construction process, simply fill out our information form here and we will get in touch with you shortly!